Sunday, September 30, 2007

Get over it.

This blog was dead, I know. It has been revived by A, who chanced upon it while I commented on her blog. She thought it was good... so here we go again!
Its not easy being a lawyer. I hate people who think that it's the easiest job in the world. I especially hate the Clients who think that my job is the easiest in the world, and subject me to looks of derision when I tell them that I haven't finished their work because I'm too busy.

"What could be more important than MY work?"

Uh, how about, for instance, everything? Other people's work, my Boss's whimperings, my roommate's angst, my boyfriend's sweet nothings, "Pimp my Ride" on Vh1, yes, everything.

I don't know if anyone has it as bad as lawyers, obviously on account of the mantle of popular culture thats thrust around our necks, thanks to immortal characters such as Sunny Deol in the shriekfest Damini, who, in a National Award winning performance, derides the practice of adjourning matters incessantly. Occasionally when I inform a Client that a matter has been adjourned, I can hear it loud and clear:

"Tareek pe tareek, tareek pe tareek..."

Oh, shut up already.

No one really gets the point that there are more reasons for matters getting adjourned than my own laziness. Court, and getting a Trial on, is a lot like sex. There are too many variables which all have to fall in place. Sometimes no one turns up, sometimes the Judge isn't in the mood, sometimes your case is just not important enough. It's a sorry state of affairs, yes. No, it's not my fault. No, there's nothing I can do about it.
Now, back to desperate housewives.

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