Saturday, November 17, 2007

Bachelor Party!

I am so happy with my Saturday night adventures that I have decided to immortalize it on my blog. I am also very hung over and too dehydrated to sleep so I have nothing to do. Here goes:
What do you do when a Buddy is getting married and he tells you that he wants his Bachelor Party on a Boat?
You give it to him!
So when A asked Gaugau what he wanted for his big day, he also asked for me and A to come out of life sized cakes. That wasn't about to happen (not only because, In the words of Lax, as my boyfriend would also be present on this momentous occasion, "watching your girlfriend jump out of a cake must be one of the worst experiences that a man could ever undergo"), so a few days before the D-Day (he warned us that the 17th November weekend was his last bachelor weekend) A looked up from her essays and asked: "So, what are we doing?"
A, Lax and me began to angst much on who was going to get the details. We (actually gaugau) found out that it was possible, and that boats left from Gateway.
Finally, after much passing the buck I googled it and came up with a shady looking type directory. Snuggled between "Party - Fame Gurukul disciple to perform..." and "Event Managers", I found two mobile numbers for "BOAT PARTY MUMBAI".
I speak to Rakesh, who immediately directs me to his website after expressing displeasure at the fact that we had only ten people for our party.
Website? is interesting but gives little indication as to pricing. Rakesh, of Fun n Food Fiesta, is enterprising, enthusiastic and completely sympathetic to the difficulties of finance. So here goes, this was our big boat party budget:
Boat rental: 2000 an hour. 8000
Lights, Generator 2000
Barman + Ice 1000
DJ + sound system 2500
Snacklets and mixers 1000
So for four hours, we were cruising the Mumbai waters, playing loud Punjabi Hip Hop and literally, living the lifestyle of the rich and famous. We got along alcohol (which we fell short of) and Jafferbhai's Delhi Darbar Biriyani (About a thousand more, for 1 kg veg and 1 kg chicken. 1 kg biriyani is not 1 kg of cooked biriyani. Its 1 kg of rice and 1 kg of the vegetables/meat. That's a lot.) And we had a whole BOAT to ourselves. Lovely weather, literally cruising away. And some of the best people to ever be with (A, Lax, Sidin, Gaugau and of course, the boyfriend).
Our only glitch was that everyone took "1.5 k a head" to mean "pay whenever you want", so we were rummaging around for finance at the last minute. But as I told Lax, I may have less money in my Bank Account that ever before, but I've never felt this rich in my entire life. After we progressed to Dome (at the Intercontinental) to top off the evening with a Long Island Iced Tea, and finally home, the elation has not worn off. And when I recline on my Diwan with the laptop on Belly Warmer Mode, I can feel myself bobbing up and down, still.
(Short break after I go to wash my feet. Ugh. Don't take your shoes off while dancing.)
So while I was doing my research on Bachelor Parties (yes, I realize that its ironic that two women were involved in the execution of this plan. SO?) I came across this blogpost on the Anatomy of an Indian Bachelor Party At the risk of sounding naive, it's not as if Bachelor Parties are only meant for guys to get laid. That may be something to look forward to, since men are so obsessed with sex, but I don't know.
Marriage changes a lot, and I guess the one thing that gets compromised is the amount of time you get to hang out with the buddies. There's someone waiting for you at home, or something that you have to do. In the unaccountable life of the singleton, everything can wait till tomorrow, you can get smashed and sleep over at the house of the only guy who remembers where he lives and it will all be just fine. You can sit around in your drawing room guzzling beer with the girls without getting distracted by someone standing at the entrance trying to attract your attention. And most importantly, no one has to 'approve' of your friends. Saturday night is not required for the "quality time alone together", the Dettol Handwash of relationships. The truth is, that marriage for a lot of people means a complete change in lifestyle, and a Bachelor Party may give that person a handful of memories to hang on to.
Senti ramble, and no, I am not trying to over analyze the Institution of the Bachelor Party. Like for us last night, we just wanted to get drunk on a Boat. Any problem?
The noble aim of trying to create memories was slightly missed, maybe.
"It's good that you guys wanted to throw Gaugau a party that he'd never forget. Too bad he won't remember anything tomorrow morning."


Vijayendra Suda said...


I am just planning to have something similar for my bro.

Would appreciate if you could pass me the number of the guys who arranged it. The website quoted is not working.


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Venkatesh Sridhar said...

Is Rakesh still in business coz the website doesn't seem to work, have a bachelor party to plan for my best friend.

gagbush said...

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences of Bachelor party. Well I never got a chance to be a part of it but want to be. Please tell me which of the venue space nyc; you had booked for enjoying such a party.