Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Faking It

What niceness. My friends are so happy with my resurrection (it's alive!!!) that I feel like a Celeb. They've even dedicted blog posts on their own respective blogs to celebrate my return. So cute - thank you! And Mem, stop making me sound like a slapford wife!

Right so to the blog of the moment. It's entertaining even if you don't give a rat's ass about IPL (and with the incessant rains in South Africa, it's hard to do otherwise). IPL is the luscious combination of Cinema and Cricket, and this blog throws in gossip and sex. The latest update is about one particularly bubbly team owner who's doing Brett Lee! Personally, I would like dope on Lalit Modi (pun not originally intended but am finding it amusing now) and to find out exactly how many plastic surgeons it took for Nita Ambani to look like she does right now. I can understand the pressure to look good when being seen with the likes of Preiti and Shilpa, but she looks just plastic. I saw an interview of hers with Mandira during last night's match on an LCD screen and I wondered about Botox Overdoses and whether they were potentially fatal. It seems to be a thing with the Ambani brothers, one brother is as fit as a maniac while his wife is much unlike the svelte heroine of her time, and in the other household it seems to be the opposite. Whatever.

My boyfriend as usual made me a little more aware of the (geek) world around us by pointing out that this was a clear take off from the fake Steve Jobs Blog. I was stuck in the High Court all of today and so i settled myself in a chair with decent network coverage and began to read the real fake blog. And I was in major danger of getting debarred. Here's a particularly funny post.

Now that's what I call a fun blog.

I also wonder which celeb I would spoof if I could write a fake blog. Then again, maybe it's a bad idea. Maybe not, but it's definitely a time consuming one.

Well, the Courts are off in May, so maybe... :)

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mem said...

this is a total fake post but well done none the less.. slapford -hahahha
also who makes snacklets??!!