Wednesday, October 10, 2007

All in a day's work

Well, another day, another adventure. I went to explore the Goregaon New Sessions Court today, which is not such a bad place because 1. There's a direct bus from home to the Court 2. It's pretty clean, and spacious (for now) and 3. The canteen serves Chinese. Have still named it Boregaon, though. The Court is more like a maze, with rooms opening into corridors, and staircases which end, abruptly. It's kind of like one of the locations of a pointless nightmare, which is full of unconnected and random circumstances and all you can see is yourself running around and getting yourself into the most random of circumstances. Anyway, I had to get the Bail formalities done of a man who had murdered his wife and injured his son in the process. Sorry, did I forget to mention the 'allegedly'? Right, so Bail formalities completed, I packed off killer's brother to Thane Jail with instructions to get his brother out of Jail and to kindly never get him to office.
All in a day's work for the Criminal Lawyer.
Yesterday a close friend called me to tell me that she was getting married. She's the first 'normal' case among my friends (batchmates, to be precise) to be getting married. Not that the others are abnormal. It was just that they had their own excuses, like:
1. Her guy's dad was seriously ill, wanted to see bete ka sehra etc etc.
2. She was dating a guy who was about to hit 30, and was in danger of losing a bet that he'd get married before 30.
3. She was the kind you never dated, only married.
It leaves you with mixed emotions. Like now, your kind was being targetted. Like you could be next.
I guess all of us are slowly but steadily coming to terms with the fact that we are growing up and that commitment isn't as remote a possibility as it seemed before. When you see people around you settling down, you realize that it's not such a bad thing. Of course logistically it all seems difficult.
At one time, in an earlier relationship, I was much more idealistic, in the sense that I thought that distance and differences in opinions and ambitions didn't matter, and that if you felt strongly enough for each other, it was enough to get you through. I hesitate to use the word 'love' in this particular case. Of course, it wasn't. We kind of differed in the ambitions being more important than the relationship itself.
Some may say that its a sense of maturity, some may say its just learning from your mistakes. Left to me, I'd say its like this - when the time is right, everything falls into place as easy as can be. Now I have no issues in looking ahead. I feel no ego pinch when I think of changing plans to fit into a larger scheme. And I certainly don't have a problem in using the "L" word.
Having said that, I'm still freaked out.
But am very happy for my birdie :)

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Just found this, and senti, tears etc. came. Muah.