Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Poverty Line

Ugh, I don't know how many people actually knows what it fels like to see your balance to be 1200 bucks, mainly because 'minimum balance' rules never let that happen. Well, I think minimum balance is a good thing. Very good thing. At least it save you from the heartbreak of having no money.
How awful. My job pays shit, whenever my bosses remember to pay me. The problem is, I would like to maintain a nice lifestyle. I would like to eat out as much as possible, as opposed to cooking myself, and I want to hang out with friends, which again entails socializing... and you invariably wind up spending 200 bucks a day. Don't socialize all week? Then you'll have a weekend that'll set you back 2k. It sucks, it sucks. And the cheque still has not been credited. Blah. Did anyone say anything about a job opening in a Corporate firm?
But everyone around is so sweet. Everyone wants to foot your bill - your roomie, your boyfriend, your mom. Mom of course wasn't very considerate about the whole deal...
Me: Ugh. Am so broke.
Mom: Haven't you gotten paid yet?
Me: Uh, yes, I deposited the cheque...
Mom: How much did you get?
Me: (c'mon. give me my privacy, please!)
Mom: But they should have paid you 1 1/2 months ago. They should be giving you double your salary now!
Me: Yes mom, I know.
Mom: What about that case you won last month? You didnt get anything extra on that?

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