Thursday, October 4, 2007

Life Partners?

I am registered on I know, I know. But all the same...

It gives me the occasional good laugh, of course. The latest "interested" men include:

1. Personality-Extrovert, talkative, Perfectionist, down to earth, honest, have got good sense of humour. Diet-Vegetarian, Tea totler.
(No coffee here, I presume?)

2. I have a pleasant personality. I prefer being humorous most of the times.
(Don't we all?)
Looking for someone who can be there to be there by my thick and thin
3. Though my age is 34 I look like 26-27 years old.
And life goes on. Boyfriend is aghast at the fact that his cable connection has been cut off (after 12 months of not paying). We both agree that TV should be Free.
Today split an auto with an old man from the station. He inisted on paying the majority of the auto fare home (Rs. 5 out of the Rs. 9) and when I protested, he told me that he didn't have to pay for ANY other form of travel. I was puzzled, but then it occured to me...
"You're a Freedom Fighter?"
"Yes", he said, proudly, and slightly impressed. I guess he usually had to explain this himself.
"I was imprisoned for 1 year 3 months during the Quit India movement"
"My picture even came in the newspaper some months ago."
I know, not my usual verbose self, but I had never met a freedom fighter before. What does one say to a freedom fighter? Casual respect? Rang de basanti fanaticism? What, what?
"The other day, I was felicitated by Nita Ambani. She gave me a shawl, and a certificate. And she gave me a bg envelope. When I opened it, you know, there was a cheque for Ten thousand and one rupees!"
He made it sound like it was a jackpot. I thought guiltily of my blog ramblings of the previous night. And, I confess, I got corny.
"Well, I guess thats nothing compared to all that you gave up for the sake of the country."
Yes, I did say that.
My old friend was touched.
"And you, beta, what do you do?"
"I'm... a lawyer", I said hesitatingly. Often I get a lot of unecessary crib from old relatives about lawyers. Or else, I have to hear the stupid shark joke again (we all remember that one, don't we?)
"A Lawyer?", he said, excitedly. "A lawyer? Such a little girl, already a lawyer? Very good."
And there was his stop.
"Very good, very good. God Bless You, beta."
I folded my hands in parting. No, I didn't say "Jai Hind". Dude, I wasn't that taken in by the whole thing.
You wonder what these guys must be thinking now that they see the whole world changing before their eyes. Did they have a vision of what India would be, once independent? Or were they just concerned with getting the Brits to 'Bharat Chodo?'
Whatever. God Bless their souls. Whatever we may be today, I don't think their contribution can ever be undermined. Would you spend 15 months of your life in Jail for the Country?
[I wanted to write about some mob mentality stuff today, but I kind of spazzed out. I'm noting this so that I can read this tomorrow and remember. I've set a to-do list on my phone but the size of it is freaking me out!]

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